A symposium on “Focus on Lasers” was conducted at Narayana Dental College and Hospital from 28-01-2019 to 2-2-2019 in the smart class. The program started with an introduction speech from Dr. Suneel kumar chinni, Professor, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics followed by an invocation song. On 28-01-2019 fundamental physics of lasers was presented by Dr.Sundeep, Dr.Suneetha and Dr.Sudhakar. , Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. On 29-01-2019 the presentations were made by Department of Periodontics about rationale of use of lasers in dentistry and its applications in periodontal therapy by Dr.Bhanu and Dr. Benazeer begam. On 30-01-2019, Dr.Praveen and Dr.Sharanya, presented application of lasers in Oral Medicine and Radiology.

The applications of lasers in department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, by Dr.Arjun and Dr.Priyanka and Department of Pedodontics, Dr.Sainath and Dr.Nirmala were made on 31-01-2019. Department of Prosthodontics (Dr.Venkatesh and Dr. Vishnu Priya )and Department of Oral Surgery (Dr.Uday sagar, Dr.Jhansi and Dr.Ramani.) made their presentations in application of lasers in their respective specialties on 1-02-2019. On 2-2-2019 the application of lasers in orthodontics was presented by Dr.Yamini followed by lecture by Dr N. Sreenivas professor, department of Periodontics on – what the clinician should know about the lasers . This was followed by demonstration of soft tissue lasers by Dr.N.Srinivas and all the pgs had an opportunity to try soft tissue laser on tomatoes. The whole session was moderated by Dr. A.Lavanya, Dr.Suneel, Dr.N.Sreenivas ,Dr.Rakesh, Dr.N.Sivakumar, Dr.P.Srinivas , Dr.Kishore ,Dr.Gowrishankar, Dr.kannan. The program ended by vote of thanks by Dr.A.Lavanya.