Oral Medicine and Radiology

Head of the Department:
Dr.N.Kannan, M.D.S.
Profile of H.O.D:
Full Time Academician with a Teaching Experience of 12yrs. Active member of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology Post Graduate Examiner for Dr.N.T.R.U.H.S., R.G.U.H.S., M.A.H.E.
Areas of Interest:
Early Detection and Management of Oral Precancer including Alternative Therapies and Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients
Introduction to Department:
"Oral Health is the Mirror of General Health" and most of the Medical diseases can be suspected/identified/diagnosed by a careful examination of the Oral cavity. We try to provide training to the students to become astute clinicians for helping in early detection and diagnosis of underlying systemic diseases in Dental patients and also train them in Medical treatment of Mucocutaneous Diseases, Diseases of Salivary Glands, Masticatory Apparatus and Oral Manifestations of systemic diseases.
Special Facilities Available:
Intra Oral Camera, Digital Camera, Digital Pulp Testers, Vital Staining, Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy Equipment, Conventional Intra Oral Radiography Machines, Conventional Extra Oral Radiography(100mA with Bucky )Machine, OPG with Cephalometry Machine, RadioVisioGraphy Machine, Automatic Extra Oral Radiographic Film Processor, Automatic Intra Oral Radiographic Film Processor, Sialography Equipment including Imported Cannulae, Conventional Biopsy Kits, Punch Biopsy Kits, Sphygmomanometers with Stethescopes, Tobacco Cessation Clinic.

Dr. N.Kannan Professor & Head
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Manne Professor
Dr. K.V Suneel Kumar Professor
Dr. Swapna Sridevi.B Reader
Dr. Venkata Sarath. P Reader
Dr. Supraja Chowdary.M Sr. Lecturer
Dr. B.Sridevi Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Sravya Vemareddy Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Putta Pratima Sr. Lecturer
Dr. Mohamed Mohisin Sahiba Sr. Lecturer