Oral Pathology Week Celebrations – 23rd to 25th Feb 2021

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology & Oral Microbiology conducted “NATIONAL ORAL PATHOLOGIST DAY” on 25th Feb 2021, along with “ORAL PATHOLOGY DEPT CELEBRATIONS”, which extended from 23rd to 25thFeb 2021. Many competitions were held like `Best out of waste` for IBDS, `soap or vegetable carving` for II & III BDS students. IV BDS students & Interns participated in Quiz competition. The competitions were held in both the DADH practical hall & Smart class room within the college. On 25th Feb, to commemorate Dr. H. M. Dholakia Sir’s birthday, a cake cutting event was organized in the elite presence of our principal Dr.Ajay Reginald. Prizes were distributed to the winning batches / individuals on the day of respective competitions by the invited staff from other departments. In addition prizes were given to the students who secured highest percentage of attendance in DA & DH (I BDS) and Oral pathology (III BDS) subjects.

More than 200 students participated with enthusiasm. They found the quiz programs very challenging and useful. It was a grand success on the whole.